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What is tarot used for? Tarot cards have been covered in an air of superstition and mysticism for ages. Working with them seems at times to aggravate my inner science philosopher. What will people think? In case you were wondering, no, I do not think tarot can tell us our future. The future is filled with endless possibilities. I see each tarot card as a mirror or window into ourselves; they can show us what is normally hard to see on our own. They cannot show us our future but they can show us the true ‘now’ from which we are creating a future.


Why dreams? Dreams are our only bridge to our subconscious and unconscious. Psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung used dream symbolism and interpretation as a tool to understand the inner landscape of humans. Understanding our dreams will help us understand our inner structure and how we make sense of daily events. Like our stomach digests food, dreams can show us how our unconscious "digests" our reality. 


So, if you made it this far, and you are open and curious, then press 'contact'. I will be honored to sit together for a reading. 

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