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Do You Know Where You Are Going?

Hello, I am happy you found my space. I am a storyteller, tarot reader and dream interpreter. I am not a fortune teller and cannot tell you your future. Rather, I am a researcher or a questioning guide. If you are lost, if my stories spark relation or inspiration, allow me to help and guide you towards the right questions for your path. With the tools and symbolism of dreams and tarot, we can find the answers that will direct you back to your true path.

Feeling Lost?

In 2017 I got lost. As I look back to understand what went wrong and connect the many dots on the path that led me to unfamiliar territories, I realized that finding my way depends on asking the right questions. I discovered that the questions I ask have the power to change my perspective and, subsequently, my reality.

In my blog, I tell the story of my way back to the self I lost throughout life, and the unexpected path I walked to discover my hidden self, the one I never knew. I tell my story as it unfolds in my mind; bit by bit, without order, with the help of dream and tarot symbolism and the wisdom of nature. Each post tells a real story of people and experiences I have encountered and the many questions these encounters have inspired. I hope that my stories will bring you comfort. And I hope they will inspire you to begin asking the questions that will help you find your way back to your true self. 

Curious? I would love to hear fPlease contact me and leave your information below for further inquiries or questions. 



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